Number one reason women tell me they don’t want to do mixed martial arts?  They don’t want to get hit.  Well, duh.

Unless you’re a BDSM sex freak who enjoys fifty shades of red on her ass, who does?  Do you think I like some sweaty, tattooed, hulk of a dude taking swipes at my head and then throwing me to the ground and climbing on top of me to take more swipes at my head?  That’s my job, dammit.  (Okay, maybe I like it a little.)  But the point is--achieving mastery means paying your dues, and sometimes the dues hurt like hell.

The same holds for writing.  Why do many people want to write but never do or never finish anything or never submit anything to agents or never publish anything or when they do publish, never push to get reviews...?  Well, they don’t want to get hit.  (Read: Rejected)  And if they do put it out there and get rejected, they fold up and go home.  Know what I say?  Bye.

I’m not the best fighter in my gym by far.  Most of those boys could whip my butt, no problem, and I love them for it.  I’m not the best writer either (not that I suck, mind you), but I have something a lot of people don’t--tenacity.  Half of
winning a fight is not gassing out--not giving up.  Oh, that and learning to
take a hit.

So go ahead.  Hit me.

Honey Badger

3/30/2013 06:47:57 pm

I think that professional fighters have to endure a lot of pain. Because they are in good shape.


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